We have in our possession ,as well, the magnificently located farm in the close area of Solec-Zdroj, at the mouth of Nida and Wisla river. Thus, we offer to our guests a separated house with well-equipped kitchen, spacious backyard and fragrant orchards. Additional attractions awaiting for the nature admirers are: a well-kept summerhouse, barbecue, a place for a bonfire or campsite and a multitude of space for diversified entertainment. Children find also the volleyball and basketball fields together with a small sandpit. Those, who appreciate the close contact with nature, will be certainly satisfied to see and be accompanied by the household animals (dogs, rabbits, hens and ducks). We supply home grown fruit and vegetables and in the vicinity diary products, fresh eggs, chicken and runny honey can be obtained. Furthermore, our farm is enriched by the small museum displaying the exhibition of the old, earthen containers, vessels and agriculture tools. Serenity, the peaceful silence of the forest and the wooden house with a tile stove will undeniably bring you in the ambience of family warmth.
Hosts provide the service all year round.
Preferable are the families with children and their pet animals.